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About isla holbox

(CNN) — Isla Holbox is a small, slender island just north of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. Mexicans have long been in the know about this laid-back, go-everywhere-in-flip-flops getaway, but the news of Holbox's beauty and ease of living has started to get out.

Though it's in the state of Quintana Roo not far from Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Holbox's vibe is more barefoot on the beach than late nights at the club. If that weren't incentive enough, it's also a gorgeous destination, with clear green-blue waters in every direction.  

Holbox is a small island that measures about 26 miles long and one mile wide, and it only has about 2,000 full-time residents.Many love the simple way of life.  

There are stretches of sandbar visible at low tide, and most adults can simply start walking outward from the beach to the sandbar with the water coming no higher than their waists.

If you want to just spend the day in a palapa reading a book, Holbox is the perfect place for that. But if you want to go stand-up paddle boarding, swim, hike, do yoga, kayak or snorkel, there's plenty of room for that too.