Catamaran Tequila Tour


  Watch the sun fall down over the horizon while you enjoy a glass of wine in Hobox's relaxed waves.Sunset tour, Yogi tour, Discovery tourBook it through facebook or InstagramFacebook: catamaran tequila holbox


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Fishing Tour


The Captains of the boats, descendants of generations of commercial fishermen, are expert in the traditional techniques, as well as in most modern, counting on equipment, technology and experience so that its luck of fisherman… takes advantage of it still more.  Front Holbox Island (3 Miles)Included: Beers, Ceviche, Line of fishing, Bait, Canes, 4 Hours.

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Three Island Tour


 Enjoy the principal points of interest on Holbox Island with this boat tour. First you will visit Isla Pajaros to admire a large variety of birds in their natural habitat. Then the boat will takes you to the Yalahao Lagoon, where you can swim in the crystal natural waters of the spring. Finally, you will visit Isla Pasión, where you will admire virgin sandy beaches, with tranquil clear water, palm trees, and birds such as beautiful flamingos. 

Swim with Whale Shark Tour


  The whale shark swim tour is offered for tourists in the area of  Contoy island , a place of protected natural area, in the summer season. The tours that depart from Holbox  will go to the blue water, located 20 kilometers east of contoy, which is where the greatest number of whales are concentrated. It is an incredible tour  for  swim and snorkel  very close to the whales accompanied by the guide, to enjoy the incredible nature that has thrilled hundreds of visitors from around the world.  

Boat Tour Cabo Catoche


At about 43 kilometers east Holbox is located cabo Catoche which is the point where the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico are met. In this area you can see incredible scenery with pristine beaches. For its lush marine life is the ideal place for fishing and snorkeling.

Dolphins: The Outer Cape Catoche crossed an area where there are likely to see dolphins. Fishing: North of Cabo Catoche where we caught a few fish of moderate size, just enough to prepare the ceviche. Snorkeling: The area of Cuevones is about 2 feet deep. There you can see all kinds of fish and soft corals. Under stones nurse sharks lurk background and sometimes you can see hawksbill, octopus and lobsters. Beach and mangroves: We went on the virgin beach to stroll, eat ceviche and collect shells. If the tide is high, we went trough a mangrove Holbox to return to the other side of the island.

Bio-luminescence watch


Bio-luminescence in Holbox is a phenomenon that occurs in the southern beaches of the island and can be observed when there is no moonlight at night. It is a spectacular phenomenon where the waters of the seashore are illuminated by certain micro-organisms that light up when they hit the waves.

The light is usually so bright that even the fish can be seen in the water.

There are thousands of luminous points that shine, which are bio-luminescent plankton, tiny organisms that like fireflies emit their own blue light.

This phenomenon usually happens from July to January and we offer a 1-hour tour for those who want to come and admire this fantastic natural spectacle.